Apr 08 2020

A Crossword to pass the time!

Category: Generalsensei @ 8:57 pm

1. Punch
2. Kick
3. Twist
4. Left
5. Right
6. Black Belt Holder
7. NonBlack Belt Holder
8. Instructor
9. Natural Stance
10. Chinese Hand
11. Upper Level
12. Lower Level
13. Middle Level
14. Front of Dojo
15. A Person who Practices Karate
16. Self Defence
17. Spiritual Development of Individuality in Mind and Body
18. Founder of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo
19. World Organisation
20. Our Dojo

Apr 08 2020

Word Search Game

Category: Generalsensei @ 12:43 pm

Can you count from 1 to 10 in Japanese? If so, you should be able to find the 10 words in this Word Search game!


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Mar 13 2012

Back to Formal Training

Category: Kata,Kumite,Trainingsensei @ 8:40 pm

Today marked the return to formal training for the Kensuikan Dojo. We spent time on basic punching and movement and then moved onto Shoden no Ichi and Renshu Ichi before finishing off with Naihanchin no Sho.

It was quite a pleasure to once again train with my Son who proved that two years of not training didn’t really affect his memory of drills and kata!

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Aug 03 2011


Category: Generalsensei @ 3:28 pm

Membership is starting to grow with two regular students and four potential students.

Jun 14 2011


Category: Kata,Kumite,Trainingsensei @ 9:01 pm

Spent the session doing some Tanshiki Kumite, Renshu Ichi and Naihanchin no Sho. Finished off with some defense. Prior to training I also spent time working through Shishiryu no Sai and Sochin kata.

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