Dec 13 2010

Pressure Points

Category: Articlessensei @ 11:32 am

There’s a great video on this page showing the affect of hitting a couple of pressure points. I’d love to be that accurate at striking them!

From the site –

“The master of old knew things and did things we could only dream of, but this knowledge came from repetition.  Men like Funakoshi and Oyata were men of a different era of the arts. Back in those days you would train on a single kata for years on end.”

Nov 02 2010

The Meaning of Onegaishimasu

Category: Articlessensei @ 1:52 pm

Read a really good article about The Meaning of Onegaishimasu – – on the KARATEbyJesse site. I fully admit to being one of those who never really understood the true meaning of Onegashimasu – which in Shorinjiryu Karate we use constantly during our training!