Mar 13 2012

Back to Formal Training

Category: Kata,Kumite,Trainingsensei @ 8:40 pm

Today marked the return to formal training for the Kensuikan Dojo. We spent time on basic punching and movement and then moved onto Shoden no Ichi and Renshu Ichi before finishing off with Naihanchin no Sho.

It was quite a pleasure to once again train with my Son who proved that two years of not training didn’t really affect his memory of drills and kata!

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Jun 14 2011


Category: Kata,Kumite,Trainingsensei @ 9:01 pm

Spent the session doing some Tanshiki Kumite, Renshu Ichi and Naihanchin no Sho. Finished off with some defense. Prior to training I also spent time working through Shishiryu no Sai and Sochin kata.

May 24 2011


Category: Kata,Trainingsensei @ 6:57 pm

Only a short session on my own tonight learning Sochin Kata. So far I am enjoying the kata and am beginning to uncover some nice application for it’s techniques.

May 10 2011

Training – 10th May 2011

Category: Kata,Trainingsensei @ 8:41 pm

Another quite (and quite cool) night going over Naihanchin no Sho, Happiken and Nijushiho Kata. Also spent a bit of time learning Sochin.

Jan 11 2011

No training

Category: Trainingsensei @ 8:53 pm

There was mo training tonight for a number of reasons

1. I’m stuck in Brisbane
2. Rockhampton evacuees are using my dojo space for their pets

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